Publications Etc.

Forthcoming October 2014- ‘Sense of Place: A History of Irish Planning’ (Dublin, The History Press)

September 2014 – ‘As a country that thrives on its reputation for craic, we must ensure our cities are a place of enjoyment’ column for The Journal

April 2014 – Morning Edition, RTE 1 on ‘Planning for the future’

March 2014 – Interviewed for Sunday Business Post article discussing proposed changes to the planning system

March 2014 – Interviewed for Sunday Times article on ‘No fry zones’

February 2014 – BBC Radio Ulster’s Arts Extra programme on the art of planning and our short film competition

February 2014 – ‘Planning For Healthy Communities’ article in Journal of Public Affairs Ireland

January 2014 – ‘Can Ireland become a world leader in renewable energy production?’ column for The Journal

2013 – Editorial Committee of Pleanáil – Journal of the Irish Planning Institute

December 2013 –  ‘Future proofed? Challenges and new opportunities’ presentation to Dublin City Council conference ‘Business as usual? What next for Planning?’

December 2013 – Cited in Irish Independent article ‘New rules ban wind farms being within 500m of homes’

December 2013 – Cited in Irish Times article ‘New planning guidelines for wind turbines include setback distance’

November 2013 – Interviewed for Irish Times article ‘Facebook town plan echoes company settlements of the past’

October 2013 – Irish Times opinion piece ‘National strategy for renewable energy is needed’

March 2013 – ‘Alternatives to “sustainable development” in the regeneration of Knocknaheeny, Cork’ paper presented to Alternatives for Transformation: A Collaborative Workshop, NUIM

February 2013 – Irish Independent opinion piece ‘Renewal Tax Incentives to challenge planners’

2010 – Editor ‘Europe and Rural Ireland: A Guide to the European Union’s role in Irish Rural Development’ (Irish Rural Link, funded by the Communicating Europe Initiative).

August 2010 – Paper on rural poverty and An Bord Snip Nua to Second Annual Irish Rural Studies Symposium, UCC

April 2010 – ‘What rural communities want from planners’ paper to the Irish Planning Institute National Planning Conference, Tullamore


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