About Me

Town Planning has suffered a good deal from misapprehensions as to its aim and scope… In actual fact it aims at nothing more remarkable than seeing to it that a town develops on commonsense lines. It enables commonsense to be organised

– Manning Robertson, Irish planning pioneer in his 1941 Sketch Development Plan for Cork

Thanks for visiting! My name is Seán O’Leary and I am a professional planner with management and public affairs experience. I am particularly interested in regeneration, community education and development, neoliberalism, sustainable development, climate change, local government and the history of planning. These are the sorts of things I (hope to) post about here.

In between working in planning, finishing a Diploma in Management in the Irish Management Institute and writing a book on the history of planning I am a PhD student in the Department of Adult and Community Education in NUI Maynooth exploring sustainable development and the regeneration of Cork’s Knocknaheeny.

I am a corporate member of the Irish Planning Institute, an associate member of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland and a member of Aontas.

I tweet @seanaoleary.


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